The main goal of Secrest Select is to create a coordinated means for promoting landscape plants that have been sustainably cultivated at Secrest Arboretum over a minimum time period. The plants must have consistently exhibited outstanding ornamental, ecological, and functional traits.

The program will help educate students, industry professionals, and homeowners about trees, shrubs and other horticulturally relevant plants proven to thrive in northeast Ohio.

Drawing upon the expertise of Secrest staff and the arboretum’s horticultural resources, the program provides guidance on how Secrest Select plants can be utilized, cared for, and where they can be obtained. This benefit aligns strongly with the Education and Outreach missions of Secrest Arboretum and the promotional objectives of Friends of Secrest Arboretum (FSA). It also reinforces the value of CFAES and Secrest Arboretum as a trusted resource for plant-related information, as well as the role of FSA as a key supporter of the arboretum. FSA is the sole funder of the modest annual costs associated with Secrest Select promotional efforts and materials.

Criteria Overview

Plants eligible for Secrest Select designation must exhibit noteworthy performance within Secrest Arboretum’s plant collection for a minimum number of years:

  • Trees – 20 years
  • Shrubs and Vines – 10 years
  • Herbaceous Perennials and Groundcovers – 5 year

The primary criteria determining noteworthy performance are:

  • Relative ease of cultivation, management, and care
  • Tolerance of drought, heat, cold (minimum USDA Zone 6A) and other adverse environmental factors
  • Ornamental characteristics in mutiple seasons
  • Useful, functional, or ecological benefits in at least one season
  • Non-invasive and showing no potential for invasiveness
  • Reasonably available in local horticultural commerce, at Secrest plant sales, or via reputable mail order nurseries

Selection Process

Plants which meet the criteria listed above may be nominated for the Secrest Select program for the Selection Committee to review.

Click here for a printable nomination form. (coming soon)

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee consists of the following individuals:

  • Jason Veil – Secrest Arboretum Curator
  • Paul Snyder – Secrest staff member designated by the Curator
  • Shane Berner – SASC Horticulture and Plant Collections Committee
  • Matt Shultzman – SASC Promotion and Outreach Committee
  • Lori Everett – MGV designated by the MGV Coordinator
  • Robert Everett – FSA President

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