Criteria Overview

Plants eligible for Secrest Select designation must exhibit noteworthy performance within Secrest Arboretum’s plant collection for a minimum number of years:

  • Trees – 20 years
  • Shrubs and Vines – 10 years
  • Herbaceous Perennials and Groundcovers – 5 year

The primary criteria determining noteworthy performance are:

  • Relative ease of cultivation, management, and care
  • Tolerance of drought, heat, cold (minimum USDA Zone 6A) and other adverse environmental factors
  • Ornamental characteristics in mutiple seasons
  • Useful, functional, or ecological benefits in at least one season
  • Non-invasive and showing no potential for invasiveness
  • Reasonably available in local horticultural commerce, at Secrest plant sales, or via reputable mail order nurseries
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